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Dr. Timothy Bennett and his staff provide a warm, friendly environment that places even the most anxious of patients at ease. I highly recommend Dr. Bennett for sensitive, professional dental care.

Rebecca B.

I can now smile without worrying about how my teeth look. I am very happy with Dr. Bennett and his staff for helping me get the best out of my smile.

Nick P.

Until Dr. Bennett restored my lower front tooth, I didn't think it would ever look good again... Wow! Now I can smile with confidence as my lower front tooth looks great again! Thank you so much for your care and your attention to detail.

Harry P.

I have had 2 bridges and 2 crown restorations performed by Dr. Bennett. I am very pleased with the results and with the friendly, professional treatment by Dr. Bennett and his staff.

Erich R.

I am very thankful to Dr. Bennett for his great work and his attention to me as a patient. He made a removable partial denture for me. When I'm wearing it, I completely forget that it is a removable partial denture and not my natural teeth. I feel very comfortable wearing it and the results look and feel great! Thank you to the whole staff for their concern and their caring treatment.


Dr. Tim Bennett and his team have done a wonderful job with our family's teeth. I first went to see Dr. Bennett twelve years ago with a mouth full of mercury fillings-courtesy of a job that required me to live in England for a number of years. Dr. Bennett did a wonderful job of restoring my teeth to "as new" with several crowns and modern fillings that eliminated all the mercury. Perhaps the best endorsement my wife and I can give is that my two children have always enjoyed visiting "Dr. Tim" since they first went to him as pre-schoolers. They have grown up with no fear of going to the dentist-as long as it was Dr. Tim's clinic-and benefited immensely from his patient and thorough care. The excellent instruction and treatment they received from the doctor and his team meant that they have always taken care to brush and floss, and have beautiful smiles.

Michael O.

Dr. Bennett has been our family dentist for over 10 years. He is a kind person and gentle dentist. He takes care of my 85 yr. old Grandma and has been our youngest daughters dentist since her first teeth cleaning. The office is clean and has a relaxed feel. The office staff is consistently friendly and helpful. The hygienists have changed over the years (but not too often) and have always provided excellent care in a friendly way. We have referred many friends and family members to Dr. Bennett for routine care like teeth cleaning but also for difficult issues like a cracked front tooth. I feel confident referring you to the care of Dr. Bennett and his staff.

Becky R.

We have been using Dr. Bennett as our dentist for years. Everyone in the office is professional, welcoming and friendly. They do their best to schedule our appointments together so that we can get our needs taken care of quickly. Sometimes we have to take turns watching our 3 year old, who can get pretty restless. Allana is always ready with a project to help keep him occupied for just a little bit longer!

Leslie K.

Dr. Timothy Bennett & company are the most professional, well-trained, highly skilled group I have ever worked with. He is always abreast of developments in his field, which means you get top-notch, cutting-edge treatment for everything within his scope.

Dr. Bennett includes you in your treatment plan, making well-qualified suggestions and supporting them with evidence (from X-rays and his knowledge of your mouth) and listening to your suggestions. If you're the type who wants to know what will be done and how, he always takes the time to explain it in a way that's accessible to both the skilled technician and the lay person.

Functionally, the work you'll have done is absolutely astonishing. Every time I visit the office I walk out of there with confidence: my bite will be as comfortable or more comfortable than before, my jaw won't get tired from adjusting to a new feel, and whatever work was done will hold up as well as my own teeth.

Cosmetically, his work screams "dentist par excellence". I have had a few fillings and crown over the years I've been a repeat customer, and every one of them blends in flawlessly with my tooth color and texture. He really treats your mouth like his own and you get a sense of patience, as though he were an artisan producing some functional artwork for commission. He sometimes goes over his appointment times to make sure the work is done right and yet he always seems to be ready for you on time (I'm not sure how that works but it is awesome).

The last time I visited him, I was throughly impressed (as always, but more so this time). I needed work on both sides. His placement of the nerve block was perfect. I didn't feel a thing. The work was done to extremely high quality, we collaborated on getting my bite JUST right, and afterwards the nerve block wore off quickly with no residual pain.

I get a sense that he cares a lot about the work he does, an he's always fun to talk with about his field-this tells me he's really enthusiastic about this work. And it shows in the product. The first time I saw him I was impressed, and yet every subsequest time I see him the work just keeps getting better. This is the dentist you want to work with if you want cutting edge, top quality, reliable work you can be proud of that blends perfectly with your current smile.

Dan F.

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